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Discover a broad spectrum of premade campaign templates with Trustmetrics. Tailored for diverse needs, our templates simplify your campaign creation process, ensuring you can kickstart your promotional efforts swiftly and efficiently.

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3 Simple Steps to Create Template

Template step 1

Click on New Template button to add new Template.

Step 2

Choose Template type and then select campaign template.

Step 3

Customize the Template according to your need and save the Template.

Effortless Campaign Creation & Management with Trustmetrics

Creating and managing campaigns with Trustmetrics is a seamless journey designed for user convenience. Start by heading over to the "Campaigns" section. Here, simply click on the "Create Campaign" button. You'll be presented with options – choose from a range of pre-made templates or go ahead and craft a customized one tailored to your preferences. After finalizing your template, proceed to name your campaign and specify the customer contacts you wish to target with review requests. With these steps completed, you're geared up! Hit the launch button for your campaign and eagerly anticipate the flow of stellar reviews from your valued customers.

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Trustmetrics offers a broad spectrum of premade campaign templates tailored for diverse needs, ensuring a fit for various business requirements.

The templates are tailored for varied requirements, ensuring users can initiate their promotional campaigns swiftly and efficiently without starting from scratch.

While Trustmetrics provides a range of pre-made templates for convenience, you also have the option to craft a customized campaign tailored to your specific preferences.

Once you have chosen or customized your template, you can name your campaign, select the specific customer contacts for review requests, and then simply hit the “Send Campaign” button.

After launching your campaign, you can look forward to receiving reviews and feedback from your targeted customers, enhancing your business's credibility and insights.

Trustmetrics offers a seamless journey from choosing templates, naming campaigns, to launching them, all designed for user convenience and efficiency.

Trustmetrics templates are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from startups to established enterprises, looking to harness the power of customer feedback.

Yes, after creating your campaign, you can specify which customer contacts you wish to send review requests to, ensuring targeted and effective feedback collection.