Reviews Management

Monitor and Manage your Ratings & Reviews across multiple supported platforms from The Trustmetrics Dashboard.

Unified Dashboard View

Display aggregate ratings and reviews from all integrated platforms in one central dashboard. Users should be able to toggle between individual platforms or view a combined metric.

Real-time Updates

Automatic real-time syncing with supported platforms to reflect the most recent reviews and ratings.

Advanced Filtering

Allow users to filter reviews by date, platform, rating score, keyword, and sentiment. This helps businesses quickly spot patterns or recurring issues.

Response Management

Enable users to respond directly to reviews from the dashboard, without needing to go to the individual platform.

Request Reviews

A feature to directly request reviews from customers, which can be distributed across desired platforms.


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Yes, the Trustmetrics Dashboard is designed not just for monitoring but also for management. You can directly respond to reviews from the dashboard, ensuring timely and consistent engagement with your customers.

Trustmetrics updates review and rating data in near real-time. Anytime a customer leaves a review on a supported platform, it will soon reflect on your dashboard, ensuring that you always have the most current feedback.

Trustmetrics is built for scalability. While there may be different subscription tiers that dictate the number of platforms you can monitor simultaneously, even the basic packages offer multi-platform support. Check the subscription details or contact the Trustmetrics support team for specific limitations.

Trustmetrics prioritizes data security. With robust encryption and strict privacy policies, your business data and customer reviews are safeguarded from unauthorized access.

The Trustmetrics Dashboard is an intuitive interface that allows businesses to monitor and manage customer ratings and reviews across various supported platforms, providing a centralized location for reputation management.

Trustmetrics typically provides features for team collaboration, allowing multiple users or departments to access, monitor, and manage reviews based on defined permissions.

Trustmetrics provides near real-time monitoring, ensuring that as soon as a review is posted on a supported platform, it's reflected on your Trustmetrics dashboard.

Yes, Trustmetrics offers versatile filtering options. You can segregate and view reviews based on platforms, rating scores, date ranges, and more.