Tag and Categorize

Tag and categorize your reviews for easier reporting and insights. For example: Tag by department, division, product or even account/sales rep.

tag and categorize
Customizable Tags
Customizable Tags Users should be able to create, edit, and delete custom tags based on their unique business needs.
Efficient Reporting
Efficient Reporting Tagging can streamline the reporting process, enabling businesses to generate reports for specific business through all reviews.
Search by Tag
Search by Tag An advanced search functionality where users can filter reviews based on one or multiple tags.

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Tagging and categorizing reviews in Trustmetrics allows for more granular reporting and insights. It helps businesses organize feedback based on specific criteria, such as departments, products, or sales reps, making it easier to derive actionable insights.

Yes, Trustmetrics provides the flexibility to create custom tags that best fit your business needs, ensuring relevant and personalized categorization.

Tagging by department allows you to understand feedback specific to different sections of your business. This can pinpoint where praise or concerns are frequently directed, enabling targeted improvements.

Trustmetrics is designed to be robust and flexible. While there might be a practical limit for usability, generally, you can assign multiple tags to a review to capture all relevant insights.

Yes, once reviews are tagged, you can easily filter or search based on those tags, simplifying the review management process and letting you focus on specific areas of feedback.

Tagging reviews by product allows businesses to understand customer feedback for specific products, helping in identifying top-performing products or those that might need enhancements.

No, tagging and categorizing are internal organizational tools. They don't alter the display of reviews to the public on review platforms. Their primary purpose is to enhance internal reporting and insights.

Yes, Trustmetrics offers the flexibility to modify or remove tags as your organizational needs change or if a tag was applied in error. This ensures that your review categorization remains accurate and up to date.