Showcasing Rating Badge

Showcase a rating badge on your website to build trust and credibility.



Trustmetrics badges are a prominent visual representation often used to signify achievements, quality, or certain features. Their inclusion can have a profound impact on a business's credibility and user engagement.

Floating badge

Floating Badge

Trustmetrics floating badge is a visual element that appears on a website, often in the form of a small icon or banner, which remains in a fixed position even as users scroll. These badges can be used for various purposes, including showcasing ratings, offering discounts, or highlighting certain achievements.



Trustmetrics ribbon badge, often characterized by its distinctive strip or band-like design, usually draped around or attached to an item, adds a touch of prominence to what it adorns. Ribbon badges have a unique appeal.

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A rating badge is a visual representation, often in the form of stars or numerical scores, that displays the overall rating or feedback a business has received. With Trustmetrics, businesses can showcase this badge on their website.

Showcasing a rating badge provides immediate social proof to visitors, building trust and enhancing your brand's credibility by transparently showing customer feedback.

Trustmetrics typically offers customization options for badges to ensure they align with your website's aesthetics and your brand identity.

Yes, as Trustmetrics gathers reviews and recalculates your average rating, the badge on your website is updated to reflect the current rating, ensuring visitors always see the most recent feedback.

Absolutely! Trustmetrics provides flexibility in positioning, allowing you to place the badge where it would have the most impact, be it the homepage, product pages, or checkout.

You have control over the display of the rating badge. If you decide not to showcase it due to a fluctuating rating, you can temporarily or permanently remove or hide it using Trustmetrics settings.

Many rating badges are interactive, allowing visitors to click and be directed to detailed reviews or feedback. Trustmetrics likely offers this functionality, enhancing transparency and trust.

While individual reviews provide detailed feedback from customers, a rating badge provides a summarized view, showing an average score or rating, which can quickly inform visitors about overall customer satisfaction.

With Trustmetrics, you should be able to display rating badges on multiple pages or sections of your website. The exact capabilities might depend on your Trustmetrics plan or package.

Trustmetrics ensures that its features, including rating badges, are mobile-friendly. This ensures a consistent user experience across devices.

Comprehensive platforms like Trustmetrics often provide analytics to show how often the badge is viewed, clicked on, or if it influences user behavior, helping businesses understand its impact.