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Reviews Formatting Essentials in Trustmetrics

Trustmetrics Review Widget serves as a powerful tool for businesses looking to harness the power of customer feedback. Seamlessly integrate with your website.

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How Trustmetrics Reviews Formatting Works

At Trustmetrics, we offer a quick and hassle-free way to gather Trustmetrics reviews. Just follow these simple steps to generate and embed your reviews on any website.

Collect Reviews

Create Trustmetrics account

Customize review representation

Connect Trustmetrics profile

Embed Widget

Create Trustmetrics widget

01 Create a widget

Customize Trustmetrics reviews widget to display them optimally on the website. Use different options like settings, filters, and other features to enhance their display.

Create a widget to display Trustmetrics reviews

02 Filter Reviews

Use advanced filtering options, including moderation, to select the most valuable customer reviews for display on your website. This will ensure that your content is both insightful and positive.

Copy/paste the Widget code snippet

03 Copy Widget Code

Once you have personalized the Trustmetrics review widget for your website, simply copy the provided Widget code snippet.

Copy/paste the Widget code snippet

04 Add Reviews On Website

Embed - Hassle-free embed reviews widget on website in one-click without any typical coding & technicalities.

Copy/paste the Widget code snippet

Diverse Widget Styles We Support

01 Carousel Slider

Select the carousel slider widget and display your reviews in this format.

Carousel Slider Widget

02 Source Widget

Select the source widget and display your overall rating based on different sources.

Trustmetrics Source Widget

03 Floating Widget

Select the floating widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Floating Widget

04 Highlights Widget

Select the highlights widget and display your highlighted part of the reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Highlights Widget

05 3D Carousel Widget

Select the 3D carousel widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics 3D Carousel Widget

06 Popup Widget

Select the popup widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Popup Widget

07 Box Slider

Select the box slider widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Box Slider Widget

08 Vertical Slider

Select the vertical slider widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Vertical Slider Widget

09 Pagination

Select the pagination widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Pagination Widget

10 Grid

Select the grid widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Grid Widget

11 Review Slider

Select the review slider widget and display your reviews in this format.

Trustmetrics Review Slider Widget

Key Advantages of the Trustmetrics Reviews Widget

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Increased Trust and Engagement
Increased Trust and Engagement Presenting standout customer reviews using the widget offers immediate social proof, potentially bolstering trust and prompting increased visitor engagement.
User-Friendly Integration
User-Friendly Integration Designed for easy embedment, the Trustmetrics widget can be swiftly incorporated into websites, offering a hassle-free solution for businesses looking to showcase reviews.
Showcasing Real-time Feedback
Showcasing Real-time Feedback The widget supports regular updates, allowing businesses to always highlight the most recent and relevant reviews, ensuring visitors get a real-time pulse of customer satisfaction.
Enhanced Credibility
Enhanced Credibility By displaying genuine, selected customer feedback, businesses can strengthen their brand credibility and reassure potential customers about the quality of their products or services.

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Reviews formatting in Trustmetrics is designed to enhance the presentation and readability of customer reviews. Users have the capability to handpick and highlight their favorite reviews, ensuring only the most impactful feedback is showcased

Trustmetrics offers a range of customizable widgets that users can integrate into their websites. These widgets are designed to effectively display selected reviews and enhance the visual appeal of the webpage.

Displaying positive reviews prominently on your website can build social proof, instilling confidence in potential customers and validating the quality of your products or services.

The number of reviews you can display may vary based on the specific widget design or your Trustmetrics plan. However, the platform is designed to offer flexibility in showcasing multiple reviews to best fit your business needs.

Absolutely! Trustmetrics ensures that its widgets are mobile-friendly, providing a consistent user experience across various devices.

Social proof is the concept where people conform to the actions of others, believing it to be the correct behavior. By showcasing positive reviews, businesses can influence potential customers, as they see that others have had positive experiences.

Yes, Trustmetrics widgets are typically customizable, allowing users to align them with their brand's aesthetics and website design for seamless integration.

Yes, Trustmetrics likely offers analytics that provides insights into how often the review widgets are viewed, interacted with, or if they influence user behavior on the website.

Trustmetrics provides flexibility in how reviews are displayed. You should be able to filter and select reviews from specific platforms or sources to showcase in the widgets.

Trustmetrics widgets are optimized for performance. While any additional content can have some impact on load times, these widgets are designed to be lightweight and should have minimal impact on your website's speed.